AI powered Video Prospecting

A Personalized Experience Your Prospects Will Click & Reply to .

AI powered Video Prospecting

A Personalized Experience Your Prospects Will Click & Reply to.





Answer calls without picking up the phone. Engage callers immediately by texting

answers to frequently asked questions in their voicemails.


Video prospecting is highly effective, but boring and takes time. We deliver your
personalized 1:1 videos for your cold email campaigns over and over for as low costs as nobody else.

1. Add Contacts

Quickly add 1,000s of leads and contacts from our A.I. supported search algorithm. Search for business type, role or company at any location worldwide.

2. Send Personalized Video

Choose one of the available AI humans or give us a pre-recorded video and we customize it with dynamic backgrounds like your prospects website.

3. Get Your Calendar Filled

CONNECT drips out your cold emails to your prospects without charging you extra. Send enough emails to get your calendar filled with the hottest leads only.

Lead Generation Just Went From

‘Grunt Work’ To ‘Fun-n-Easy’

No more endless cold calls or knocking on doors! Just Click And Go!

Find Laser-Targeted Live Leads

Instantly find leads for any niche in any geographic location and get all their Contact Details.

Search By Vertical. Look for a PROFESSION in a LOCATION.



Find Laser-Targeted Live Leads

…Accountants in New York.

Search By Person. Look for people with specific ‘POSITIONS/TITLES’ in a LOCATION…like CEO/Director/Manager in Harlem.

Push one button – And contact the DECISION MAKER without going through the ‘Gatekeepers’.

Qualify Leads Based On What You Sell

Find out whether a lead is actually a prospect.

Set filters in place to find prospects that have the potential to become a customer.

Stop wasting your time with someone who literally can't buy from you or doesn’t need what you are selling.

AI Leads Pro takes away the DRUDGE Of filling your pipeline and approaching endless leads in an effort to find the ONE that says: ‘YES’.​

AI Leads Pro delivers the YESES.

1-Click Export to your CRM

Handpick or randomly select leads from your search results.

Automatically clean up dead email addresses during import with our build in email validation.

Send leads to your Cold Email Drip Campaigns in CONNECT or export them into a CSV file to use them in your CRM.

Convert leads right from your Landing page in CONNECT or your existing website with an appointment web form integration.

Whatever your situation, you ARE covered

We integrate perfectly with your existing CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot or Zoho. We function either as Pre-CRM to protect your existing CRM from dead contacts or as a full blown CRM if you don't have one yet.


That's amazing, protect your CRM from Cold Leads by using CONNECT as a 'Pre-CRM'

Profit from CONNECTs unlimited contacts and low costs to completely manage your cold email campaigns.

Send only prospects that converted into appointments or sales to your main CRM to keep it clean and to avoid climbing up pricing tiers from cold contacts.



No problem, use CONNECT as your new all-in-one marketing superpower

Manage Leads and sales using the full power of CONNECTs All-in-One marketing automation Platform. Send cold emails, track email opens and clicks, track appointments and sales, create landing pages and so much more.


Stand out in the inbox with personalized thumbnails

Your prospects have grown immune to the typical personalization strategies.

Thumbnails showcasing your personalized video are the NEW THING to get the email opened, read and clicked upon in 2022!

Which email would you open?

Get More Eyeballs on Your Sales Pitch

Your AI sales assistant greets the lead by his first name in a personalized video with the clients website in the background and transitions automatically to your sales video.

Your lead can interact with your team using a chat box or clicks a button with your CTA to go to your sales page.

Let's be clear about how to use AI correctly!

Never try to make people belief that the AI assistant is a real human. That is not even necessary.

AI is accepted as long as it's relevant and personalized.

The role of the AI is to make sure your leads get to see your video message and your sales page that follows a short, highly personalized intro generated completely on autopilot.

That way you can be sure that a lot of potential leads see your message without damaging your reputation and only qualified leads book appointments or see your sales page.

Success stories

4% to 52% CTR in 3 days

Before using Automated Video Selling

  • Emails were ignored

  • Low response rates

  • Calendar looked empty

  • Found it difficult to stand out in a crowded inbox

After using Automated Video Selling

  • Increased reply rates by 6x

  • Went from 4% to 52% CTR

  • Calendar is packed with meetings

  • Receiving lots of WOWs

Your New Virtual Receptionist

Your new virtual receptionist

Receptionist answers calls when you're out of office, closed or just busy on the phone. All missed calls and voicemail transcriptions are delivered to you in a centralized inbox.

The problem:

Recording and sending 1:1 videos for each customer is a time-consuming and not scalable process.

The solution:

Win the inbox with CONNECT's AI Leads Pro, the AI-powered service that help entrepreneurs and sales teams break through the inbox noise by generating personalized videos at scale. Each and every of your customers will receive a human-like personalized video created just for them.

  • 91% of the people appreciate being reached through a personalized video vs plain text

  • 78% of the prospects say they've clicked on a cold email after seeing a personalized thumbnail

  • 59% of the prospects say have booked a call after watching a 1:1 video and 42% make a purchase

  • 100% of prospects say they never woke up a morning thinking, "I hope someone offers me a meeting today"

  • 83% of the users say AI Leads Pro buys the extra time needed in order to persuade and book meetings with cold audiences

  • 97% of our customers say AI Leads Pro is the smartest way to convert lengthy faceless emails into engaging, personalized videos

Numbers never lie

Why using CONNECT's Video Personalization Service ?

Your prospects have grown immune to the typical personalization strategies. Personal videos is the NEW THING to land better clients (and more of them too) in 2022!

Personalize all aspects of your AI generated Video

What makes AI Leads Pro different ?

Not just another Lead Gen Service

AI Leads Pro is an AI-powered lead search and video prospecting service built for busy entrepreneurs and sales teams who love getting high email response rates and having their calendars packed with appointments — but hate wasting time searching for leads and recording 1:1 videos.

  • Stand out in the crowded inbox

  • Get the highest CTR you've ever seen!

  • Land more meetings with ideal clients

  • Use our cold video prospecting service to protect your CRM

  • Dodge The Gatekeepers/ Naysayers And Connect Directly With The Right Person

  • Automate your personalized video prospecting

  • Have your CRM and calendar filled up with hot leads & sales

Know Who Called You

Always be in the know

See every caller’s conversation history before responding.


Get started today and spend zero time recording, and more time selling.

Professional Greeting

Customize how to interact with potential customers

Customize voicemail greetings for a consistent experience across all your locations.

Be On Top Of Your Client Communication

Be on top of your client communication

Get mobile notifications for every call and text back quickly through the mobile app.

Easily Integrates With Leading Apps

Explore an A.I. powered way to grow

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